Kennedy Bhagwan

Senior IT Consultant

With a BSc Degree in Computing, Kennedy has worked with various local authorities in supporting SIMS and other MIS applications for over twelve years. Having worked with the Royal Borough of Greenwich for almost ten years, he joined Octavo Partnership in June 2015. Currently Kennedy is working as a Senior MIS Consultant, managing the SIMS helpdesk for SIMS support, as well as delivering a wide range of SIMS training course. He has gained vast amount of experience over the years, not just in MIS but in IT as a whole.

Kennedy has a comprehensive understanding of how schools operate, as well as their statutory obligations to the Dfe, local authorities and other organisations. Part of his role involves ensuring schools are able to user SIMS effectively and to help drive the decision and improvement making process for better outcomes for pupils.

Originally from Grenada in the Caribbean, Kennedy has brought to Octavo and Croydon schools a wealth of experience and knowledge in IT, with exceptional customer care and service delivery.