Supervision requirements for Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSLs)

September 26th, 2018

There is a statutory requirement for schools to provide supervision and support for their safeguarding professionals. Worryingly, many do not receive supervision.

In a survey last year 76.5% of DSLs working with young people at risk of child sexual exploitation in 102 schools throughout England did not receive supervision. For safeguarding professionals, supervision has to be much more than line management supervision – it should be “Relationship-based education and training that is work-focused and which manages, supports, develops and evaluates the work of colleagues” (Milne, 2007).

Why is DSL supervision important

Supervision is useful in containing the difficult emotions that the role of DSL brings up. Research suggests that supervision increases the professional’s skills, confidence and job satisfaction” (Jackson, 2008).

Supervision ensures cases don’t drift, maintains the focus on the child, and helps professionals to find out the evidence base for assessment and intervention” (DFE, 2017).

Octavo Partnership launched a schedule of termly supervision sessions in Autumn 2018 in response to the growing need for high calibre supervision support for DSLs to meet the growing challenge and role of DSLs.

Tailored for primary, secondary and special school groups and led by Dr Katie Ellis, these have received excellent feedback. These supervision sessions are also available within a school and across a group of schools.

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