Octavo an Accredited Good Employer

October 17th, 2017

Octavo Partnership has recently been accredited as a Good Employer by Croydon Good Employer.

To meet the standards we had to prove that we met the Good Employer charter criteria, which includes:

  • Paying the London Living Way
  • Creating employment and training for local people
  • Investing in the local supply chain and local business
  • Implementing equality and diversity best practice.

Croydon Good Employer strives to build a network of recognised good employers in the local area. Octavo Partnership is delighted to be accredited as a Good Employer.

Octavo‘s aim is to enrich the lives of children and young people in the Croydon borough and surrounding areas, and help to build future generations. Our partnership with Croydon Headteachers Association has already raised the profile of Croydon as a destination of choice for teaching.

We look forward to a long lived partnership with Croydon Good Employer.

Visit the Croydon Good Employer website for more information.