Croydon School Receives Level Two UNICEF Gold Award

April 30th, 2018

Octavo congratulates Elmwood Infant and Nursery School on its fantastic achievement! The Croydon school has gained the Level Two Gold Award for being a UNICEF UK Rights Respecting School.

The report recognises the school’s ongoing success in developing children’s understanding of themselves in a global context and sheds light on the tremendous work done by the Croydon school working with parents to create a fully, inclusive school community.

Particular strengths of the school were highlighted as:
• A very strong focus on inclusion and diversity
• Confident and articulate children who understood a wide range of rights and could apply them in their own context
• Children who were extremely enthusiastic about their school
• A concerted approach to campaigning

The report also stated that ‘the school provides a wealth of opportunities for children to take action to uphold the rights of children locally and globally…’ and that ‘there is a systematic approach to teaching about global citizenship and sustainable development…’

Well done to everyone involved!

To read more about the work of the school, visit their website.

Children were all very enthusiastic about their learning and spoke a lot about the right to education…