Croydon Education Partnership

Our Education Partnership brings together all education settings and Croydon LA to drive local education strategy and improve outcomes and opportunities for young people in Croydon. This is in response to the Mayor’s plan

The Education Partnership will champion:

  • Improved outcomes for all children and young people in Croydon so that they are prepared for adulthood.
  • A platform of collaborative working to meet the needs of children and their communities.
  • Collective local resource so that it is maximised for mutual benefit.
  • all educational settings are seen as a place of choice for parents and carers.
  • Croydon is a place of choice for the very best education professionals.

The Partnership Board membership has representatives from the full range of Croydon education settings and across all age ranges (early years to post-16). There will be an independent and remunerated Chair appointed by the Board members, who themselves are all volunteers. The Partnership Board will hold no legal power over education settings.

The Board will identify shared priorities for improvement and agree on an annual programme of work, a package of support and an allocation of resources to achieve agreed outcomes.