Pegasus Academy Trust, Croydon (Schools Finance)

Executive Principal, Jolyon Roberts, discusses the Trusts experience working with Octavo’s Schools Finance team who supported them in improving their finance systems and procedures. 

Pegasus Academy Trust, which runs six schools in the North of the London Borough of Croydon, has used the Financial services department of Octavo Partnership for both Responsible Officer visits and financial consultancy and have been pleased with the work they have done for us.

Claire Potter and her team are highly experienced in the field of schools’ finance and have recently helped us improve our financial system so that monthly procedures are streamlined and less time-consuming. Under their guidance, we refined our chart of accounts and they have also offered us staff training to help improve the level of understanding of systems amongst the Trust’s own financial staff. They are currently helping us implement a new financial budgeting system.

In terms of the Responsible Officer role Octavo has produced reports straight to our Directors to inform and reassure them about the efficacy of our financial systems. They have also developed a termly visit strategy focussing on the different areas dealt within our business office and making suggestions for improvement.

Their staff are personable, knowledgeable and appropriately challenging.

I can recommend the work of the Octavo Financial services department, as well as many of the other services that Octavo provides.


Pegasus Academy Trust