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Croydon Erasmus 3 year Project

Croydon local authority was successful in securing a grant through the Erasmus+ scheme, As a result, 768 Croydon educationalists had the opportunity to gain international experience, enhance professional skills, and contribute to the development of education both at home and abroad.

We received great feedback from this programme. Croydon schools told us they now had:

Confidence when speaking about foreign education systems and generally the confidence to be more creative in approaches to managing pupils and learning.

A greater awareness of children's wellbeing and what it may look like in different settings. This includes making more use of outdoor learning opportunities.

Created time for reflection and evaluation, both for the attendee and the school. Having time to think about what you do in school, what other education systems do and how adaptions to the curriculum provision can be pursued.

Developed their skills and competencies in reflection, awareness and wellbeing, and now had a greater understanding of how children learn, plus an appreciation of education in different cultures/countries.

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